15BN, 15BNX, CZ & CZF...
...Now conform to the standard Redditch scale. Look out for the yellow labels and information on our hook packets. Click on the downloads button to find out more!
New! Partridge Merchandise
Caps and mug are now available to order online.
Up-Eye Single
Now Available! Our new up-eye single. Modified Bartleet bend, straight point, micro-barb and forged bend for added strength.
The K4AY Barbless Grub & Buzzer
Available Now! Down-eye and straight point hook, ideal for tying grud, scud, shrimp and sow bugs. Also buzzer, curved body and emerger patterns.
What fly has made this weeks Fly Friday? Visit our blog to find out more...
The G3AY Barbless Sproat Wet
An all round wet pattern! A reliable, strong hook for mid-stream patterns.